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How do you describe your occupation?

One of the major factors that insurance companies use in calculating the proper premium they should charge you for your car insurance is your occupation. On the price comparison websites you will find a drop-down box listing all sorts of occupations, from AA patrolman to zoologist. The interesting thing is that a lot of these jobs are interchangeable, even though they may affect premiums in completely different ways! For example: if you work in a shop are you a warehouse worker, checkout operator, sales assistant, trainee manager? If you work on a building site are you a builder, a bricklayer, a drain layer? You may be all of these so which one do you pick? You could put forward a good argument for checking the cost of your insurance for every possible job description that matches your own and pick the one that gave you the cheapest quotation but that would of course be completely unethical and we do not want to do that do we.

A word of warning; it is absolutely imperative that you tell the truth. There is no point in claiming to be something that you are not because if the insurance company found out – and they probably would, because they have many sources of information about us – it could be grounds for them cancelling your policy or refusing to pay out on a claim. So, use this method if you will but I am not advising you to so please don"t complain to me if it all goes wrong for you. If you do then please, please make sure you remember just what job description you decided was the most suitable one for you so you don"t put your foot in it in the future.

The Secrets of Saving Money on Car Insurance:
What the insurers don"t want you to know!

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