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As we stated in our 'about us' page we are web designers not insurance people. You should therefore treat anything that we say about insurance as coming from a bunch of chattering monkeys who have no more idea about the subject than they have about the meaning of life or the true value of a Damien Hirst painting.

We cannot therefore be held responsible for any consequences to yourself, your loved ones, your friends, neighbours, relatives, or just about anyone else you can think of if you use any information on this website and as a result suffer any form of physical, mental, or financial loss. Unless you are prepared to totally ignore everything that is written on this website and go instantly to a fully qualified and certified expert on insurance we respectfully insist that you leave this site immediately.

Just to underline what has just been said; we accept and will accept no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or otherwise of any of the so-called information that this website contains and you should treat it in the same way as if it was an online copy of the Dandy or Beano.

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