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You have probably read all the same usual advice on hundreds of other websites; shop around using price comparison sites, offer to pay a little more claims excess if you can afford it, get a smaller car, park it overnight on a drive or in a garage, blah blah blah. There is far more you can do though, as you can read below; we will just mention each point and you can read more about it on the dedicated webpage.

For a start, have you actually asked your current insurer for a premium reduction? Many of them will seriously consider this if there is a risk of losing you as a client. Did you know that prices can often change according to how long it is before your next premium is due? It might be worth looking into this and you can get more information about buying car insurance early. One of the major factors that insurers consider when they work out premiums is your occupation, but did you know that how you describe it can make a difference? Find out about car insurance and your occupation. Another factor is of course the car you drive; if you buy a new one, how do the costs stack up?

Car insurers can be tricky people. Do you know of the little ways in which they sometimes extract more money from you than you expect to pay, or trap you into staying with them? Or what not so little extras they may hit you with? Do you know how easy it is for your insurance to be invalidated? Will they charge you less if you downgrade your policy to third party fire and theft or even third-party only?

And finally; what about these new Telematics you have heard all about? Do they really make such a difference to premiums?

It"s all interesting stuff. Read all about it before you commit yourself to spending possibly more money than you intended to. However, in the meanwhile .....

What is all this fuss about 'hire and reward' insurance?

All of a sudden hire and reward insurance is a hot subject in insurance circles. Just what is it though?

There has been an absolute boom in home deliveries of all kinds which was given a boost during the Covid epidemic. Tens of thousands of people who worked in bars and restaurants were forced out of work by the lockdowns and millions more were unable to buy the products they wanted because the shops were closed. The answer has home deliveries; but those working as delivery drivers came up against a need to get a special kind of vehicle licence which was known in the trade as hire and reward cover. It cost a lot of money and many drivers found themselves working to pay for their insurance, rather than making themselves a decent income!

Now that Covid is over the need for deliveries at home have eased and even the mighty Amazon has seen the balance sheet turn into the red. Is this the end of an insurance era then? You can read more about hire and reward inurance at

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